TZ: Embracing Your Ego And Using It To Your Advantage

When I first started in personal development I went to a LOT of trainings and asked a LOT of questions. One question an answer has always stood out, and has become extremely useful to me over the years… I once asked a very happy, positive, successful multi-millionaire: “What do you think has been the biggest […]

TZ: You Get What You Expect…

Ever notice how most top athletes expect to be the best. They expect to win. They often exude confidence because their expectations are so high. Take a second and think about what you’re expecting for yourself in your life right now. Stop and think about it really quick. Where do you REALLY BELIEVE you will […]

Training Your Mind For Positivity And Success by Talor…

Hey, it’s Talor Zamir. In modern society, it’s important to start making a conscious effort to train your mind for positivity and success. Unfortunately, news stations have found that they often get higher ratings by reporting stories about violence and other forms of negativity. The problem with that is the majority of our society that […]

Talor Zamir’s Positive Mindset Manual – Because Your Mind Is The Real Key To Success

Hi, it’s Talor… It’s important that you know what to expect, and where you’re headed after reading this blog, so I want to give you a little bit of a framework here. I first learned this from studying NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). For the purpose of this framework – I’d like you to think of everyone […]