Training Your Mind For Positivity And Success by Talor…

Hey, it’s Talor Zamir.

In modern society, it’s important to start making a conscious effort to train your mind for positivity and success.

Unfortunately, news stations have found that they often get higher ratings by reporting stories about violence and other forms of negativity.

The problem with that is the majority of our society that lives in “Unconscious Incompetence” actually thinks they are doing what they are supposed to do by watching the news and staying informed.

You can’t blame or judge them – because in their minds they think they are doing the right thing. However, when you think about it… How can you be creating more positivity in your life when most of what you’re putting in is not positive?


Here is a list of things to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE FROM YOUR LIFE if you want to start training your mind for more positivity and success…

– The News (unless someone finally creates a “positive news station” – I’m keeping my fingers crossed Oprah!). Don’t read any negative stories in the newspaper either.

– All violent movies and horror movies. (keep this garbage OUT of your mind)

– All TV shows that have violence or any form of negativity. This includes shows about hospitals, all dramas, soap operas, etc… (You need to keep these images and negative drama stories OUT of your mind – which in turn will keep it OUT of your life)

– Commercials – do NOT watch TV commercials. These Commercials are designed to program people to THEIR benefit, and most “Unconscious Incompetent” people never even realize it! (If you like to watch TV – then record your favorite positive shows and comedy shows, and make sure you fast-forward through all the commercials)

– Negative people that complain, make excuses, and are not positively influencing you. You need to be willing to shelter yourself from those that are not positive influences. If there is someone you live with or simply cannot avoid that falls into this category, then you need to politely ask them not to speak about anything that is not positive while they are around you. This is a HUGE stand you’re making for yourself when you do this. (And you’ll be making a huge stand for the other person when you do this as well. This could be the biggest stand anyone has ever made for them and will completely change both of your lives for the better.)

– Anything else that is not a positive influence for you. Use your common sense. Think about what you are watching, what you are saying, what others are saying to you. Then decide if this is a positive influence for you or not. Your goal is to make a conscious effort every day to only let positive influences, positive images, and positive things into your life.


Start constantly putting new positive images, positive influences, and positive learning’s into your life every day.

With step 1 you’re now making a conscious effort to keep out and remove anything that is not positive… Now, with step 2, you’ll go one step further and start inundating yourself with all things positive that are helping you grow and better yourself.

Here’s a list of a few simple ideas you can apply to your daily life to start training your mind for positivity and success right now… (more advanced and detailed strategies will come later in this book)

– Listen to personal development, positive motivation, or positive spirituality audio’s everyday. Everyday while you’re brushing your teeth, doing your hair, getting ready for your day… Simply throw on a positive audio and let it play while you’re getting ready. This takes no extra effort on your part (other than putting on the audio and pressing play), and can add an extra 10-60 minutes of positivity and personal growth into your life everyday. (depending on how long it takes you to get ready!)

– Turn your car into a “Positive Mindset University” on wheels! Instead of listening to the radio or music, make a point to continue positively conditioning yourself by replacing it with more personal development, positive mindset, or positive spirituality audio’s. Again this really takes no extra effort on your part, and could result in hours upon hours of extra positive conditioning in your life.

– Write positive affirmations, say them everyday, and even put them all over your walls if you want! A couple of years ago I actually bought a bunch of plain white wallpaper – stapled it over sections of the wall in my bedroom – and started writing positive affirmations all over the walls in different color markers. Every time I walked into my bedroom I saw the affirmations, and it would trigger my mind to think about that positive affirmation and further engrain it into my unconscious mind. Although positive affirmations may seem like a very basic step that you may have heard many times in personal development… It’s important to realize how important it is to engrain in your mind all of the positive things you want in your life, and affirmations are one of the most powerful ways to do this.

– Starting Catching yourself and turning it around whenever you say something that is not positive. For example, if you ever say something like “I hate doing _____” – Catch yourself – then turn it around right away by saying something like “Actually, you know what, I’m going to do what I have to do today and I may as well enjoy it, so I’m going to start fresh and look at _______ from a different and a more positive perspective today”. That’s an example of catching yourself and turning it around – a very powerful step to growing yourself and training your mind for positivity.

– Get a coach or at least find a positive minded person to do “buddy coaching” with. Find someone who you like, who is a positive person, and who is also looking to improve themselves. Setup a time once a week to speak for 60 minutes. Spend the first 30 minutes listening to them and for the last 30 minutes they should be listening to you. Start the conversation by saying what you are grateful for and appreciate in your life, then go on to say what positive things you are committed to creating in your life, and what steps you are going to take that week to create them. The point is for you and your “buddy coach” to be there to support each other every week in your conscious effort to improve your lives and create more positivity.

If you notice – most of the suggestions above take little or no extra time for you to implement into your daily life… yet they can go a LONG way to helping you train your mind for positivity and success.

– Talor Zamir

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